…today’s secret…A Holy Week thought.

We live our lives in a river of time. We enter the river at birth and leave at death. Where we go when we leave depends upon one’s faith.

Life comes to us moment by moment while we’re in the river. We call these moments past, present, and future. There is no time between them.

C.S. Lewis wrote that God is not in the river. God’s existence doesn’t consist of moments because God is outside of time, above the river.

…that’s why God can listen to millions of us praying after the 11 pm news and still be alone with each of us.

…that’s why God could deliver his son in and out of the river and still keep the universe going.

But, I digress.

During our time in the river of time we live with multiple stories.

There is…

(1) our individual story.
(2) our nation/group/family story.
(3) our spiritual story of finding freedom in Christ.

This is a little above my pay grade, but it seems that inserting story (3) into stories (1) and (2) seems to be a way to start untangling what is currently tangled.

Just thinkin’ out loud here during this special week.

Happy Easter.