…today’s secret…A bit of history.

America was founded by castoffs, rejects, and refugees from Europe. The promise of America was individual freedom…freedom from something and freedom to do something.

America’s promise of individual freedom was later articulated through the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. These documents stated that all men are created equal with inalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

These documents were hypocritical at the time in that the new America was holding people against their will. Our ‘Founding Fathers’ knew slavery was wrong and knew they were flawed men at a critical time in history.

They would leave it to later generations to figure out (1) how to achieve America’s promise of individual freedom and (2) undo America’s original sin of slavery and erase the bigotry that would follow it.

American history is the study of that struggle.

While ‘equal opportunity’ has been seared into America’s consciousness over the generations…’inability’ has been little acknowledged.

Sheep weren’t given the ability of wolves. Sheep are fair game in Darwin’s world of survival. But, in the land of ‘equal opportunity’ sheep are supposed to be given a chance to be the best they can be with what God gave them.

You’re fighting for people who needs someone to fight for them because they cannot fight for themselves. Of course, they’re not sheep. They are human beings like the castoffs, rejects, and refugees who were seeking individual freedom in America.

Unfortunately, in today’s land of equal opportunity, fighting for anything makes you an insurrectionist.

That also makes you my kind of insurrectionist!

Keep fighting for them.

P.S. I write for those who read my writing. Thanks for reading.