…today’s secret…Third gravitating bodies.

My wife gasped when I carried a 4 foot, 50 pound candle into our living room and stood it in the corner for visitors to see.

I could barely get my arms around it and almost dropped it.

“It’s a third gravitating body” I said proudly.

“Whatever,” she said walking away.

Hang with me on this…

You need a PORTAL to kickstart the relationship with the people you are helping.

A portal is something that helps you connect personally with the person in front of you…your participant, your client, your applicant, etc.

A portal is something you see or hear. Portals can be colors, shapes, symbols, rituals, words, or music.

Portals help bridge an old opinion to a new opinion, from one state of consciousness to another.

Portals help pull the person to you, albeit subconsciously. Portals go directly to the right hemisphere of the brain.

A literature portal is Alice’s rabbit hole to Wonderland. A movie portal is the tornado that took Dorothy from Kansas to OZ…the wardrobe that took the children into Narnia…the red pill that takes Neo to the Matrix.

But, how to you ‘portal’ someone sitting across the desk from you for the first time? How do you trigger their right brain and raise their eyebrows on a ZOOM call?

That’s where a third gravitating body comes in.

A third gravitating body is anything that magnetically attracts and holds the attention of someone. TGBs trigger powerful and invisible sparks that cannot be thwarted or managed by the logical left brain. The secret behind third gravitating bodies is that they don’t fit where they are…but then they do fit where they are.

My 4 foot living room candle automatically triggers a reaction before visitors sit down. I can pretty much take the conversation where I wish because I saw them twitch when they saw it sitting in the corner.

Songwriters understand the use of third gravitating bodies. They insert a French horn from nowhere to somewhere in the song. Patsy Cline’s version of Crazy had a piano in the background and Sweet Dreams violins. Not your typical country music choice of instruments.

The trick is to consciously place a third gravitational body where someone subsciously can’t ignore it.

I guarantee if you place a bowl of tangerines on your desk and say nothing …you will trigger a subconscious response from your visitor. I guarantee if you kill your cat and tack its hide behind your ZOOM call and say nothing you will trigger a subconscious response. Just kiddin’ here, but you get my point.

Tacked on my office wall is my college freshman beanie, a professional football with a pictue of my high school team embedded in one panel, and a 3 foot x 2 foot book about cats with the cutest kitten on the cover. None fit. But they all fit.

Try it. At the corner of your desk put a wooden shoe or a 1964 Mustang model car with one wheel half glued on. You might be surprised at what portal your third gravitating body opens up.