…today’s secret…Stories.

Doesn’t matter how old we are. We need stories to believe in.

We are built for stories…and nothing beats a story when it comes to convincing us of something.

Christians believe the Jesus story of humanity. Birth. Everyday life. Betrayal. Abandonment. Death. Resurrection. New life.

Islamists frame it a little different.

The story of America is currently under review. What story emerges will heavily influence the world of our children and grandchildren.

Individuals have stories also. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are the foundations of our self-image.

The people coming to you for help are yearning for a new story. Their belief system and scars have made them who they are.

Help give them a new story.

In your own way, let them know this is not how their story ends.

Let them know they are the living character in the story they are writing. Tell them to just change the channel as they are in charge of the clicker…

…but then they may need some help in figuring out what channel.

However, that’s why you are who you are and you do what you do.