…today’s secret…Time.

God doesn’t need time.

He gave it to us humans so we can establish history, count the moments, and get back from the bathroom before halftime ends.

We see time in one of three ways.

  1. Chaotic – all random…you are at the mercy of whatever.
  2. Linear – all planned…whatever is your destiny.
  3. Cyclical – all repeat…whatever has happened before, only different.

I believe #3…

…humanity follows a cyclical pattern and we are actors stuck in a bad play right now. Not our fault. Don’t believe me? Revisit America in the 1930s, 1850s, and early 1770s to see other bad plays. Go back further and watch the Salem witches burn.

Actually, history has been going in circles for 3,000 years. All similar storylines, just different details. And, it never really ends well. Sorry about our timing.

Anyway, God also gave us free will to learn how to squander time. Each of us is given 24 hours and our success is largely determined on how we use them.

Here are some ‘time tips’ for 2021.

  1. Time and money are two sides of the same coin. They are interchangeable.

You can always save one by spending more of the other. If this wasn’t true there would be no convenience stores, lube joints, drive thrus, or plumbers. You prize the one you feel to be in short supply.

  1. There are three ways to find some free time in your organization
    this year…(a) work fewer hours, (b) develop systems, methods, and
    procedures that save time, and (c) recruit, hire, train and manage other people to do your work.

Each of these cost you time and/or money and maybe reduced income and
lost opportunities. Your call.

  1. Time is today’s currency because most everyone admits to being time poor.

Clarity is therefore the new creativity in communication. Want a person’s money? Win their time. How? Gain their attention, speak with impact, prove what you say, and do it in the fewest words possible.

In summary, lives, like money, will be spent in 2021. What are you buying with your hours this year?