…today’s secret…Fighting Santa Claus (question #3).

I promised last week to be short. Promise kept.

Bye Bye Santa. Bye Bye 2020.

Over the last two Tuesdays I’ve asked you to reflect on three questions about how your organization helps those who are seeking your help.

On 12/15 I asked you “What is the purpose of your organization?”

On 12/22 I asked you “How do you define significance?”

Today I’m asking you, “Does your story and culture align?

Your story is what you say about yourself. Your culture is who you are. Your experience is what you do.

The real deal happens for you when your story and experience align. This requires you to take a serious look at your organization’s culture.

Culture is two employees standing in front of the company bulletin board looking at all the rules and regulations management has posted. The older employee looks at the new employee and says, “This is not how we do things around here.”

I could write for hours on how company culture destroys great intentions. I won’t. I going to shortcut it and recommend you read this book…

Mr. Jenkins Told Me

It’s about a North Carolina for-profit air conditioning company that dominates a market while dwarfing industry sales. It’s a study in how to treat, manage, lead, and align employees and customers in the long haul.

It can be read in one short setting. Used copies available for $1.23 at
Amazon. It’s not about the book’s newness. It’s about the words.

Consider it my post-Christmas gift to you. Enough said.

And OH, happy new year!