…today’s secret…Fighting Santa Claus (question #2).

So, here’s the deal for these two remaining December Tuesdays.

I’ve asked you to take some Santa time and look-see three questions about our how your organization is helping the marginalized become unmarginalized.

Reflecting on these three questions may shed some internal light on what your organization is running to, running from, and maybe why.

Last week I asked “What is the purpose of your organization?” (12/15/2020)

This week, I’m asking “How does your organization define significance?”

Hang with me here. I’m going deep. Note: This is a good place to ditch if you don’t have another two minutes and four seconds.

Every organization wants some combination of three things.


Which one your organization wants most dictates how you do what you do.

I’m assuming your organization wants most to make a difference in peoples’ lives because you openly state you help marginalized populations.

You make your own sausage. You have a formula, unique approach, particular process, or special emphasis to create your difference.

You also keep score to measure how you’re doing…how many people seek your service, complete your program, stay out of trouble, stay out of jail, get hired, stay hired, number of employers, billable hours, etc. etc. etc.

These are data progress scores. Your organization’s success can be measured by a series of these data progress scores. The logical conclusion is the better your progress scores the more successful you are.

Here’s the rub.

Progress scores help your organization make money and create a name. They help you find funding and maybe even win some community awards.

But, progress scores will not measure the significance you create in a person’s life.

No, I’m not against data. I’m against misinterpreting it. Data, facts, and logic are not the keys to the mind of the people you are wanting to help. If you try and measure significance with progress scores, you’re a data hound trying to connect the wrong dots.

Our world is full of organizations who have achieved success without significance.

Again, what you really want to answer is “How does my organization measure significance?”

For now, measuring your significance has to be personal. Sorry. No data you are currently collecting will answer your significance question.

Why? Because people decide to change their life through their heart first. Win their heart and their mind will follow. That’s how change sticks.

Delivering significance doesn’t require money or a name. Significance is about caring, doing, and relationships. It requires people who care and an organizational culture that oozes hopeful spirit.

Here’s how you start. Listen for whispers from the people you are helping. Look at your organization. Do you think it fulfills its purpose? If not you probably have a cancer in your organization.

But, if your organization is the one where everyone wants to work and no one wants to leave…you’re already there!

Thanks for going on this deep dive so close to Christmas.

Next week. Question #3. I’ll go shorter. Promise.

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