…today’s secret…Grown-up lies.

Question: What do Jesus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus have in common?

Answer: Grown-ups told you stories about them when you were a kid.

Why did they lie to your face? The simple answer is that they loved you and wanted you to be happy.

Hopefully, by now you’ve separated the Jesus stories from the other three.

But, admit it…as a child, flying reindeers, a six-foot rabbit with candy, and pixy dust under your pillow were real.

What grown-ups really did was to stimulate early creative thinking in you through a series of metaphorically based universally accepted lies. It works like this…

…if you can implant creative thinking in children you will help them see a world of possibilities for all of their tomorrows. Take them on a magical mental ride when young and you will help them work and play well with others when old. Win their hearts. Their minds will follow.

This grown-up lying is all about embedding hope and seeing possibilities!

Unfortunately for many people, life somehow got in the way of their childhood hope and possibilities. Their adult tomorrows got sidetracked. Some have deep scars to prove it.

Now this is where you come in. Your purpose is to help them recreate their broken possibilities into new possibilities they can believe. Right?

So, please, don’t forget the lesson of Santa, the big bunny, and the little fairy. Win their hearts and their minds will follow.

Going through their head requires only hard facts and cold logic. “Pay attention. This is what we do here and this is how we do it.”

But, there is a time to instruct and a time to inspire. There is a time to understand and a time to be understood.

Going through their heart relies on a warmer connection. “Allow me to show you why we do the things we do.”

Don’t tell them what to think. Lead them to their truths by entangling their hearts and they will see possibilities they can achieve. Everyone will win!

And no, you can’t lie and resurrect fictional childhood characters to do this. That time has passed.

But then again, those Jesus stories could now come into play. Fingers crossed.

Right Time’s PAS® is all about you understanding your participants from the inside out, not the outside in. It adds their voice to your intervention. Both of you will see better outcomes. Promise.