…today’s secret… Snowflakes and prisoners.

Proven…sort of…no two snowflakes are alike because of how they are formed and how they fall down.

Ditto…no two prisoners are alike because of how they are formed
and how they fall down.

Proven…identical snowflakes can be produced by manipulating
the humidity and temperature in a controlled lab.

Ditto…identical prisoners can be produced by manipulating how they sleep,
eat, and shower in a controlled prison.

But, the commonalities stop there. Snowflakes melt whereas prisoners become ex-prisoners unleashed into a doubting public.

Thankfully, there’s you to help them!

The general barriers prisoners face coming out of prison are well documented…lack of education, weak work history, addiction, health or mental health issues, etc.

But, reality doesn’t stop mugging them there…

…they’re also squiggly because their sweet time of being free is gone. The love and attention they first received is gone. The wife and kids have gone back to living their life as before, but demanding more help. There may be issues with additional child support, parole, and that damn Christmas
is here again.

It’s no wonder some ex-prisoners begin yearning for the security and leisure of prison life. Friends. Structured time management. Planned activities. Regular meals. Money mail. Laundry and barber service.

However, you and I both know that most prisoners still come out of prison believing they are not a tragic waste of skin. They want to turn their backwards into their forwards and matter to someone somewhere.

Unfortunately, society is a powder keg right now. Please, take a quick look at how you are helping ex-prisoners seeking your services this holiday season.

No, they’re not melting. They’re on a mission to prove their worth.

Just be careful how you help them. Lots of people are on the edge these days.

Right Time’s PAS® is all about helping you screen out individual powder kegs and screen in those ex-prisoners ready to work and ready to hire. This can become a competitive advantage for you and improve your outcomes. Yes, really!

However, our innovative PAS® may not be for you yet. Go find out?