…today’s secret…Size of voice.

With cats it’s their voice that determines their size.

Lions, jaguars and leopards have a U-shaped hyoid bone which allows them to roar loudly.

They don’t purrrrr.

With dogs, it’s their size that determines their voice.

You never see a ‘yapper dog’ with a deep voice and you never see a ‘working dog’ with a squeaky voice.

Cats…voice determines size.
Dogs…size determines voice.

With marginalized people…it is their voice that determines their voice.

Unfortunately, marginalized populations lie and hide their voice to gain desired benefits or cover a troubled past or current hardship.

Sometimes they want you to hear them, but they don’t know how to share openly…yes, really frustrating!

You cannot take them where you want them to go until you hear their voice.

Not hearing their voice limits your decision making about them to the external historical events in their life…such as their education, marriage, previous employment, criminal record, etc.

Not hearing their voice limits you from matching your intervention to their internal reality or empowering them to participate.

Voice determines size in cats. Size determines voice in dogs. Voice determines voice in marginalized populations, but only if you can hear it.

Your participants are screaming on the inside. They want to roar. Please, try and hear them…and then help them believe they are not alone, discarded, or ignored.

Right Time’s PAS® allows you to hear your participants’ voices. Your outcomes improve when you add their unknown dynamic information to their known static information.

Hear their roar!