…today’s secret…The “I” of the Storm.

Asking a business owner to hire ex-offenders adds to the pressures they already feel.

…pressing down on them are higher authorities…people such as their family, shareholders, Board, government, investors… everyone who seems to know better than them how to run their business.

…pressing up on them is a host of uncontrollable forces. Economical ups and downs, industry shifts, supplier travails, changing technology, environmental issues…these are just a few of unknown bends in the road that can impact their business. Covid-19 anyone?

…standing nose to nose in front of them is the empowered marketplace they must penetrate to survive and grow. The people they are trying to win as clients give little and demand much these days.

…and behind them are the people they hired to help them pierce marketplace hearts. Do their employees drag the business down, or do they help propel the business forward?

The owners you are soliciting know they are in the “I” of the Storm. And here you are asking them to roll the dice and hire someone whose socks may not match?

So, here’s how you help them relieve their pressures.

Know two things…

(1) …the farther and faster they penetrate their market their top pressure
(higher authority) and bottom pressure (uncontrollable forces) fold back like the wings of an airplane. These top and bottom pressures do not disappear, they become considerably weaker because everybody loves a winner with momentum in the marketplace.

(2)…they penetrate their market by assembling a talent pool of employees who share their vision and values. It’s not their prices, location, or cock-eyed processes. It’s their people who moves them forward into their marketplace to create the airplane effect. People. People. People.

Therefore, securing their tomorrows requires them to find people who are in sync with them and their market.

Describe to the business owner, in your own words, the “I” of the Storm scenario they are in. They will be impressed you know. Promise.

Then tell them your ex-offenders will help them create the impossible-to-copy competitive advantage they seek.

Why? Because ex-offenders may be the last group of available hires. Because ex-offenders know they have a lot to prove to a doubting public. And, because you are the person who knows how to converge ex-offender hearts to theirs and relieve their “I” of the Storm pressures.

I know. It’s not easy. But, doable.

Right Time’s PAS® adds your participant’s voice to your intervention. Your outcomes will improve when you add their unknown dynamic information to their known static information.

It’s that simple.