…today’s secret…Big thoughts.

Granted, we are not a polite society these days.

There are some interesting things going on and we can’t seem to catch our breath because we’re too busy dealing with the merely urgent to think big thoughts.

Bucky Fuller had a big thought. Seven billion of us are crammed on a speck of dust circling an 11,000-degree fireball that flies at 252 times the speed of a bullet through a limitless vacuum.

Charlie Darwin had a big thought. Our species is just the equivalent of
spontaneous combustion.

Aiden Tozer wondered what are we going to do with this God problem.
Is he? If so, what is he like? What are moral beings going to do about Him?

Here’s a smaller thought for today.

Is anybody really marginalized? Who decides? When is someone unmarginalized?

It seems that the world’s goal right now is homogenization. Normalization
is desired and individuals are rewarded for conforming or punished for deviating.

Mainstream organizations exist to bring outsiders inside.

However, history is full of people who choose to live on the outside.
Monks. Nuns. Hermits. The Amish. There are those who choose to not watch TV. Some people choose to risk their lives for the common good or
live under a taxable income. Some choose to pray most of the day, some
never at all.

Poets? Artists? Shall we bring them inside the mainstream?

There’s an argument to be made that it is those people living outside the
inside who eventually change the inside. Wowser.

Yes, there’s a difference between being marginalized and choosing to live
in the margins.

Maybe we should quit identifying who is who and where is where and answer the unspoken question your participants want to know when they first meet you.

“How are you going to change my condition? Convince me that interacting with you would be worth it.”

Just a thought.

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