…today’s secret…Marginalized relay racing.

Some of you are going to feel liked I mocked your religion today.

But, here goes.

You and your organization exist to help zigzaggers stop zigzagging their way through life.

Today’s organizational mantra is teamwork, teamwork, teamwork…
an extension of what appears to be anchored in our American soul.

Blame the Founding Fathers and their “We the people” words.

I think today’s teamwork is highly overrated when it comes to working
with marginalized populations.

There, I’ve said it as nicely as I can.

Your organization may receive accolades from your association, industry, and/or community for the work you do. Our “teamwork” is one reason given for this success.

However, teamwork is just an illusive word used to identify that individuals
inside your organization are fullfilling their individual responsibilities.

Said another way…the real work of encouraging the marginalized to stop zigzagging and give their best effort is eyeball-to-eyeball…one-on-one.

Not by a committee. Not by a team. By you!

Don’t fall into a trap believing your organization’s stand-alone intervention of employment, education, counseling, supervision, etc., is what interrupts marginalized zigzagging.

Individual work is what really interrupts zigzagging. Not teamwork.

You are a vital runner in a relay team serving the marginalized. You begin
your effort with an advantage or deficit that was handed to you by someone else. Your success depends on your increasing that advantage or shortening that deficit.

Marginalized lives get changed by individuals fulfilling their individual
responsibility within an organization before successfully passing the baton.

John Steinbeck wrote that nothing was ever created by two men. Once the
mirale of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the
group never invents anything.

And remember the saying, “A camel is a horse designed by a committee.”

You, not your organization, are responsible for delivering the outcome that
you have been assigned.

Avoid committee-think. Look your participants in the eye and ask yourself
how are you going to increase the advantage or shorten the deficit you have
been given before passing them on…

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