…today’s secret…Law of Duality.

Hang on. We’re going long and deep this week.

The universe exists because of the interaction of its equals-but-opposites.

up – down
inside – outside
winter – summer
inhale – exhale

Even proverbs have balanced opposites.

Life is what we make it.
What will be, will be.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Silence is golden.

The Chinese refer to opposites as Yin and Yang.

When confronted we have little difficulty deciding between two
opposites. Yes…

…good over evil.
…peace over war.
…love over hate.

Now, enter the Law of Duality.

The Law of Duality states that things that appear as opposites are in fact
only varying degrees of the same thing.

Birth and death seem to be opposites, but are two sides of the same coin – life.

Heat and cold seem to be opposites, but are extreme variations of the same coin – temperature.

Day and night. Short and tall. Near and far. Dull and sharp. They seem like
opposites, but are just complementary variations of the same coin.

Hang with me. I’m sneaking up on an important point here.

We start falling into a trap when we see everything as opposites. Our thinking becomes trapped when we assign right or wrong to one of the opposite extremes…and then cling to it fanatically to the point of disparging those who cling to the other extreme.

It happens from time to time. You’ll find it everywhere in today’s culture.

Here’s my point (finally)…

…working with marginalized populations can improve dramatically when we think in terms of dualities instead of opposites.

Yes, you indivudually are working and playing well with others in society and your participants are somehow not. This is a duality in life, not opposites. Both statements are true.

Your level of prosperity and their level of poverty is a duality of wealth. Both statements are true.

Your offer to help them in their difficulty and their belief that you’re just giving them annoying unsolicited advice is a duality in wisdom. Again, both true.

Do you have the ability to hold two opposing truths in your mind at the same time and retain the ability to help your participants? If so, you are starting to work the Law of Duality.

Do you have the ability to consider your participant’s perspective before
becoming entrenched in your position? If so, you are starting to work the Law of Duality.

Here’s your test.

Can you state your participant’s point of view back to your participant to
their satisfaction? If so, you are really working the Law of Duality.

Seed time and harvest. That’s a big duality for the two of you. You are in the ‘interesting in-between’ part of the Law of Duality.

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