…today’s secret…Choices, the video.

Confession 1: In 2010 Right Time developed a 9 minute and 43 second video to help the marginalized population Right Time had chosen to help.

We called it Choices.

Confession 2: Later that same year we chose NOT work directly with the marginalized we had chosen to help. We chose to work with organizations who work directly with the marginalized they had chosen to help.

Go figure.

We put Choices on the shelf.

Choices had been produced to support our belief that people by nature are adverse to change. No matter how much forewarning they are given, marginalized people need help in conquering this natural desire to ‘push back’ against change.

Choices adapts Jack London’s classic 1908 story To Build A Fire to help marginalized people reduce their resistance to change and spark within them a fire of personal responsibility.

Choices has a simple lesson. Circumstances are where you are now, choices are what you will make, and consequences are what will happen as a result.

When we showed Choices to various groups the rooms remained deathly quiet for 9 minutes and 43 seconds. Deathly quiet. Unnerving.

We dusted Choices off this week and posted it on our website.

The illustrations were drawn by a man in Sweden and the narration is by a man in Texas.

Go figure.

I think you will love it if you have 9 minutes and 43 seconds.

It’s not for sale, but you are welcome to use it with our written permission.

Enjoy Choices.

Right Time’s PAS® adds the voice of your marginalized participant to your intervention which means you can improve your decision making, achieve quicker rapport, gain marketplace advantage, and, maybe, increase your funding.

How much voice do you need? $4. $8. $14.

P.S. If you’re interested Choices comes with a Discussion Guide – 14 questions to help relate the lesson on a deeper level and 18 discussion points to better prepare for change. Reply and I’ll send.

P.S.S. Choices has a unique creation and creativity story. I documented the
defining creative characteristics behind its creativity to help other innovations working with the marginalized. Warning…it’s geeky and goes deep into cognitive persuasion. Reply and I’ll send.