…today’s secret…The dignity of quitting.

Helping marginalized populations rewrite their tomorrows is hard.

But, so is skateboarding, spear fishing, and fencing.

Anything new starts out fun and exciting, but eventually there is a critical moment when the new is not fun nor exciting.

It has happened to you hasn’t it? Certainly you have tried something and then quit because you saw it as a dead end for some reason.

You joined a health club. Nope. You joined Netflix. Nope. You became
an Amway, Avon, or Herbalife associate. Nope You started a hobby. Nope. You started writing. Nope. Of course you noped a job somewhere.

You didn’t fail. You just redirected your energy to something else somewhere else.

It’s OK. There is dignity in quitting. Winners quit fast, often, and without guilt.

So, at some crucial point in your intervention, your marginalized participants will question if the reward you outlined as possible is greater than the effort you require to achieve it.

In reality, they’re just experiencing the same doubt you experienced before.

But, in this case, their moment of doubt is your moment of truth.

Traditional thinking tells us marginalized populations are serial quitters and
they just need to be cheerleaded through their uncertainty.

“Don’t quit. You can do it. Stay the course. Push on. The hassle will be
worth it in the end.”

But, this time, your challenge is to help them quit when what’s new is wrong, stick when what’s new is right, to know the difference, and to have the guts to make the call.

That’s another reason why working with the marginalized has become so hard these days.

But, then again, that’s why you are who you are and why you do what you do.

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