..today’s secret… The Counterfeit Mailbag. (8/11/2020)

I have been a fan of J. Peterman for decades.

Peterman was a master copy writer who wrote long and colorful copy to describe the products he wished to sell.

He used words and hand drawn illustrations, not photographs and price discounts to sell his wares.

For example…the Counterfeit Mailbag…

…”I borrowed the original bag from a retired mailman who tested it out on tree-lined streets of small towns everywhere. It’s simply perfect for carrying important ideas and feelings back and forth. Strong, soft leather that will only get better over time.”

Peterman’s philosophy was that people want things that make their lives the way they wish they were.”

Peterman was right. Humankind wants self-definition. Humans want to know who they are.

Peterman was a legend in his day, but, unfortunately, that day has faded.

The new rule in a 24/7 overcommunicated in-your-face world is to say what you need to say and say it hot!

The Heart Attack Grill in Vegas knows how to help people confirm their self-definition.

They know how to say it quick and hot…“Tastes worth dying for.”

The waitresses are dressed like nurses and you must put on a hospital gown before downing your Bypass burger and Flatliner fries. Customers over 350 pounds eat free.

Whatever your chosen intervention and whatever marginalized population you’ve chosen to help, don’t forget that your participant’s need for self-definition is their greatest unmet need.

You probably can’t Peterman your participants these days to help them know who they are. Try and help them define themselves the Heart Attack Grill way…as quick and hot as you can!