The power of the PAS® is its customized real-time dynamic reporting. Reporting types differ based on the organization and the organization’s different needs.

The PAS® is innovative because it quickly identifies multiple dynamic factors such as motivators, learning capabilities, socialization skills, communication preferences, occupational and recreational interests, resilience, spirituality, etc. The PAS® is also innovative because of its value just as a stand-alone assessment – its self-reporting capabilities, ease of taking, administration, low cost, etc.

However, its indisputable value is the customized real-time reporting it provides.

The question the PAS® answers for participating organizations is “What do you want to know about your respondents?”

Your customized report(s) are some combination of the multiple dynamic factors identified by the PAS®. Your report could be as simple as an e-mail screening applicants with anti-social personalities and/or mental health issues, or as simple as an Account Analyst verbally answering one or two questions you need to know for intake, or a more lengthy private conversation centered on some combination of dynamic factors.

Your report could identify your respondent’s prosocial/functionality in real time, rehabilitation needs, employability potential, even measure their internal change post intervention

Your report could identify your respondent’s personality strengths, challenges, traps they could fall into, and what they can do about them. PAS® Strength reports are designed to be shared with your respondent.
PAS® Strength reports simplify your case management and supervision duties, frames your discussion with them, accelerates their relationship with you, and empowers them to participate in your intervention

Right Time will work with you to determine the depth and format of dynamic information your organization needs.

The PAS® is free.

There is no cost from Right Time for you to administer the PAS®. You can administer the assessment to as many of your respondents as you wish with no Right Time expense.

Your expense is for the reports generated from the PAS®. Request as few or as many reports as you want. You are only billed for what you use and don’t have to purchase a certain number of reports up front.

Your cost is determined by the type of report you desire. Your cost will range from $8 to $14 per report. The cost of your respondent’s inner voice is less than a background check or a drug screen.

The PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Become a PAS® believer.

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