Marginalized populations often either cannot, or will not, expose their true self to organizations committed to helping them or businesses wishing to hire them. Right Time has developed the PAS®, an innovative assessment that identifies and integrates an individual’s key internal information into customized real-time reports. The best decisions are made when an individual’s dynamic information is added to their static information. The PAS® is a game-changing process that uncovers an individual’s dynamic information. The ease, speed, and low cost of uncovering this missing information has, until now, been nonexistent. Marginalized populations can no longer hide their inner reality. Intervention has become easier and helping the marginalized find employment has found a shortcut. Finally, outcomes are on the verge of radically improving.

Executive Summary

Right Time is a privately owned, Ohio based, for-profit LLC dedicated to the prosocial integration of marginalized populations – groups of individuals who face physical, mental, educational, economic, or social hardships such as offenders, ex-offenders, at-risk youth, homeless, recovering addicts, those on public assistance, hard-to-employ, etc.

Right Time’s extensive research revealed that organizations committed to helping marginalized populations rely primarily on historical static information for their decision making. They lack the ability to uncover – in an efficient, economical, and reliable manner – an individual’s dynamic information, such as their motivations, resilience, self-esteem, communication preferences, interests, social skills etc.

Right Time created the PAS® to provide this missing dynamic information. The PAS® is an innovative process that holistically identifies a marginalized individual’s dynamic information and then apportions that information to match the intervening organizations and its specific intervention(s).

The PAS® benefits everyone in the criminal justice system committed to offender rehabilitation – courts, corrections, parole, probation, and even the offender. It offers different benefits to each of these segments. There is even a version of the PAS® that identifies those who could successfully work with an offender population or in a law enforcement capacity.

The PAS® benefits organizations involved in employment initiatives that educate, train, and help marginalized populations become employed. Workforce development professionals can now help marginalized individuals identify and overcome individual barriers to employment. Staffing agencies can now ‘screen out’ or ‘screen in’ applicants which gives them a competitive advantage and lowers their risk and the risk of their employers.

Treatment organizations, which are critical in empowering marginalized individuals and families to overcome challenges, benefit from the PAS®. As a valuable entry-level assessment, the PAS® helps those organizations recover lost time by increasing the rate of rapport building and engagement in services.

Part of the PAS® is a series of questions marginalized populations take. These questions are written at a 5th grade level and can be easily administered to all populations over age twelve. These questions have no start-up fees or software investment, requires no staff training or scripted interviews and they can be administered in print or digital formats, by staff, interns, or volunteers. The PAS® are standardized with marginalized populations and are verified at 0.84 overall reliability by independent, third-party Vector Psychometric Group.

Live customer support/consultation is available. The only expense to the PAS® is the tailored reports generated by the PAS® process. The cost of a report ranges from $4 to $14, and is determined by the type of report. This is less than a drug screen or background check.

The PAS® has been in development since 2010. For more information, contact Dr. Samantha Kurtz at or (703) 965-0813.