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Right Time discovered a problem. There was no efficient, economical, or reliable means to holistically identify a marginalized individual’s dynamic information and then apportion that information to match the intervening organization and its specific organization. Right Time developed the PAS® to solve this problem. The PAS® is the voice of the marginalized!

Right Time was founded in 2008 by Dr. Samantha Kurtz and Willie Davis. Right Time is a privately owned, Ohio based, for-profit LLC dedicated to the prosocial integration of marginalized populations – groups of individuals who face physical, mental, educational, economic, or social hardships such as offenders, ex-offenders, at-risk youth, homeless, recovering addicts, those on public assistance, etc. Right Time provides dynamic information of marginalized populations to diverse organizations to improve their outcomes.

Right Time Executive Summary

Samantha Kurtz (skurtz@righttimerehab.com)

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; Specialty areas: Community Mental Health Delivery Systems, Neuropsychology, Abnormal Psychology; Developed and implemented two national criminal justice pilot programs for violent offenders; Organizational Development specialist; Consultant to Fortune 100; Fortune 500 businesses; Owned three businesses; Developed several standardized psychological assessments (along with the PAS®);

Willie Davis (williedavis@righttimepas.com)

Degree in Education; Adult education teacher Ohio State Reformatory; Richland County Juvenile Attention Center Director; Franklin County homeless shelter Supervisor; Principal in marketing firm for 27 years; Marketing consultant; Specialty area: Small business marketing;Advertising campaign strategist; Authored two books on marketing communications and cultural shift;

Taurean Sinclair (trsinclair@righttimepas.com)

Degree in Journalism, Public Relations; Specializes in government & non-profit policy & program design, community development, career development training; Served for Mayor Alvin Brown of Jacksonville, FL; Led $10 million anti-crime initiative, Jacksonville Journey; Over 20 years in career development for marginalized populations Designed and developed state and city-wide economic development initiatives;