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Right Time discovered a problem. There was no efficient, economical, or reliable means to holistically identify a marginalized individual’s dynamic information and then apportion that information to match the intervening organization and its specific organization. Right Time developed the PAS® to solve this problem. The PAS® is the voice of the marginalized!

Right Time was founded in 2008 by Dr. Samantha Kurtz and Willie Davis. Right Time is a privately owned, Florida based, for-profit LLC dedicated to helping every individual find their true worth, including the prosocial integration of marginalized populations – groups of individuals who face physical, mental, educational, economic, or social hardships such as offenders, ex-offenders, at-risk youth, homeless, recovering addicts, those on public assistance, hard-to-employ, etc. Right Time provides dynamic information of marginalized populations to diverse organizations to improve their outcomes.

Samantha Kurtz (samanthakurtz@righttimepas.com)

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; Specialty areas: Community Mental Health Delivery Systems, Neuropsychology, Abnormal Psychology; Developed and implemented two national criminal justice pilot programs for violent offenders; Organizational Development specialist; Consultant to Fortune 100; Fortune 500 businesses; Owned three businesses; Developed several standardized psychological assessments (along with the PAS®);

Willie Davis (williedavis@righttimepas.com)

Degree in Education; Adult education teacher Ohio State Reformatory; Richland County Juvenile Attention Center Director; Franklin County homeless shelter Supervisor; Principal in marketing firm for 27 years; Marketing consultant; Specialty area: Small business marketing; Advertising campaign strategist; Authored five books;