You may not be ready for our innovation yet!

You are one of thousands of organizations helping marginalized populations become unmarginalized.

At some future time it will be universally accepted that you need both a person’s dynamic information and their historical static information to help your chosen marginalized population become the best they can be.

Until now helping organizations like yours has not had ready access to an individual’s internal dynamic information. That is, until now.

Our innovative PAS®, allows you to easily add your participants’ internal dynamic information to their known static information. It adds their voice to your intervention. Outcomes then improve.

Our innovative PAS® is currently working through the ‘Innovative Diffusion’ process…

  • Problems arise in which there are no solutions(missing dynamic information).
  • Helping organizations improvise until a solution is found(the PAS®).
  • Early adopter organizations then prove the new solution efficient…(done – can prove it)!
  • The innovation evolves into a best practice.
  • Then it becomes status quo.
  • Finally, yesterday’s brilliant innovation becomes traditional wisdom.

As of now, the PAS® has been proven efficient by its early adopters. It’s currently being studied, shaped, and modified on its way to becoming a best practice!

Our website is written for you only if you are interested in exploring the benefits of adding your participants dynamic information to your intervention. It is written to inform, not persuade.

This website describes the problem with helping marginalized populations, what the PAS® is, why it was developed, and how and who it helps.

So, you may not be ready for our innovation yet. That’s OK. You’ll know when you’re ready!

But, if you are interested learning the benefits of the PAS®…go look!

Then, talk to us.