Right Time’s Helps Fill Labor Shortage

Right Time’s PAS® is helping ‘second chance’ business owners attract and retain a productive labor force in an era of today’s labor shortage.

“Leading CEOs are starting to see a labor opportunity in hiring underemployed people with a criminal record,” says Willie Davis, Co-Founder of Right Time. “There are millions of people in this country who could be working or working at a higher level, but their past criminal justice record keeps them from doing so.”

Right Time’s PAS® is a reliable process that helps businesses hire applicants with criminal justice employment barriers.

Right Time’s PAS® objectively measures the expectation of both the business and the applicant and reports on how closely those expectations would match after the interviewing process was concluded.

The PAS® measures on a 3.0 scale how much the applicant will fill the company’s expectations beyond the time of their initial hire, training, and probationary period. It also measures on a 3.0 scale how much the applicant will find the job personally fulfilling and enjoyable once they are performing it.

The PAS® averages the two scores together and provides an overall job match for the business. This results in greater retention for those hired.

“Our innovative PAS® helps businesses who believe in second chance hiring screen in the right people and match them for specific jobs. It also screens out those applicants with personality disorders,” says Davis.

Davis stresses that the PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Right Time has developed a slow and steady adoption process to insert the PAS® into an organization’s hiring processes.

“Second chance employers are learning how to identify those ready for employment and what support they need upon their hiring,” says Davis.

For further information contact Willie Davis at williedavis@righttimepas.com.