Right Time’s PAS® Goes Digital

Right Time has digitized its PAS® to further help those organizations who work with marginalized populations.

“Organizations are constantly improving their efficiency through technology,” says Willie Davis, Co-Founder of Right Time. “We are pleased to announce that Right Time’s innovative PAS® is now online to better help those organizations.”

Right Time’s PAS® holistically identifies in marginalized individuals multiple dynamic factors (such as motivators, learning capabilities, socialization skills, communication preferences, occupational and recreational interests, resilience, spirituality, etc.) and then apportions only the dynamic information needed to match the organization’s specific intervention(s).

Knowing a person from the inside out allows organizations who work with the marginalized to (1) better allocate scarce resources (2) make quicker decisions (3) accelerate relationships (4) improve outcomes (5) and retain or find favorable funding.

“Organizations who work with people facing social, economic, educational, physical, or mental hardships are hindered because marginalized populations tend to hide who they really are to gain benefits or cover a troubled past,” says Davis. “Plus, with the COVID-19 pandemic, these helping organizations need as many options as possible to add a person’s unknown dynamic information to their know static information”.

Davis stresses that the PAS® is not sold or bought. It’s adopted. Right Time has developed a slow and steady adoption process to insert the PAS® into an organization’s existing processes.

“Being online enhances our ability to protect an organization’s culture from any negative unintended consequences,” says Davis.

For further information contact Willie Davis at williedavis@righttimepas.com.