Right Time Attends National Association of Workforce Development Professionals Annual Conference

Over one thousand workforce development professionals recently assembled in San Antonio, Texas for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals’ 36th annual conference. Right Time was one of the exhibitors to demonstrate how their PAS® can benefit NAWDP attendees.

The NAWDP represents individual workforce development and human resources practitioners who connect jobseekers, educators, and companies with marginalized populations.

“One of NAWDP ‘s goals is to advance the workforce development profession by providing training and resources to its members who work with people with barriers to employment,” says Kathy Day, NAWDP Director of Training and Events. “We were pleased that Right Time came to Texas with us.”

Right Time spoke to many work force professionals from across the country about its real-time innovation, the PAS®. “Marginalized individuals either cannot or will not reveal their true self to those committed to helping them,” says Willie Davis, Right Time Managing Partner. “They withhold information in order to gain benefits or survive a difficult past or cruel circumstances. The PAS® becomes their inner voice.”

The PAS® was developed to identify the missing dynamic information of marginalized populations. Professionals are limited to making decisions based on an individual’s static factors, unchangeable external historical events.

“Professionals are missing the individual’s dynamic information such as motivation, resilience, self-esteem, communication preferences, interests social skills, etc. The PAS®  provides that information,” says Davis.

For further information contact Willie Davis at williedavis@righttimepas.com.