Right Time’s PAS® Begins to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty in Richland County

Success Unlimited is a community program committed ending government dependence for Richland County Ohio residents receiving cash assistance through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funds. Success Unlimited has integrated Right Time’s PAS® into their orientation program to help them help their participants find meaningful employment.

“We wanted to know how prosocial our participants are when they first come to us,” says Dan Dickman, Success Unlimited President. “What evidence-based methods will best provide successful intervention outcomes? In what order should they be addressed? The PAS® will give us these answers.”

Right Time’s customized assessment is taken by Success Unlimited participants on the first day of their orientation. Within a week Right Time issues a participant Strength Report to Success Unlimited. This Strength Report identifies the participant’s personality strengths that make them resilient enough to bounce back from the failures and rejections they will continue to encounter. The report identifies their challenges, the traps they could fall into, and what they can do about them. Success Unlimited personnel orally go over the Strength Report with each participant.

Willie Davis, Right Time Managing Partner, believes all individual with compromised backgrounds benefit from a Strength Report.

“The Strength Report is where we start,” says Dickman. “It gets us connected with our participants faster. It allows us to hear their inner voice and talk to them in a manner that is meaningful to them.”

Right Time and Success Unlimited are currently developing a confidential Prosocial Report. The Prosocial Functionality Report is a baseline report that will chart how prosocial the participant is numerically on a standardized bell-curve. Follow up assessments will determine if any participant internal change is occurring.

For further information contact Willie Davis at (419) 982-5079.