Right Time’s PAS® to Aid Other Marginalized Populations

Right Time has expanded its innovative process, the PAS®, to help other marginalized populations. Until recently the PAS® has been utilized in the criminal justice system. Now Right Time has broadened its application to include other organizations that are missioned to transform lives within marginalized populations.

“We believe offenders and ex-offenders are the most difficult of the marginalized populations to help,” says Willie Davis, Right Time Managing Partner. “We have known for a long time that workforce development professionals could benefit from the PAS®, but we decided to wait until we established reliability within the courts and corrections before widening the market.”

Marginalized populations include those on public assistance, the stabilized homeless, recovering addicts, at-risk youth, ex-offenders, ex-gang members, high school drop-outs, single mothers, etc. Part of the PAS® process is a stand-alone written assessment disadvantaged populations easily take in 10-30 minutes. Right Time evaluates their answers and develops customized reports to help organizations improve their outcomes through better decision making, resource allocation, and intervention acceleration.

“An individual’s static factors are unchangeable external historical events of their life such as education, marriage, previous employment, criminal record,” says Davis. “These cannot be changed through treatment. Dynamic factors are internal personality factors such as motivations, resilience, self-esteem, communication preferences, interests, social skills, etc.  These can be changed through intervention. The PAS® is all about identifying and reporting on these dynamic factors.”

For further information contact Willie Davis at (419) 982-5079.