Right Time’s PAS® Statistically Reliable

Part of Right Time’s PAS® process is an offender assessment that identifies the dynamic factors amenable to an offender’s internal change. This identification helps criminal justice system rehabilitation stakeholders empower their offenders to become involved in their own rehabilitation – and then measure that rehabilitation in real time. Right Time collected PAS® data over a twenty-month time period to be studied by a third-party independent source for statistical reliability. Vector Psychometric Group has determined the PAS® to be statistically reliable.

“It was always planned that the PAS® would be released to the market only after its assessment was evaluated and determined to be statistically reliable by outside sources,” says Willie Davis, Right Time Managing Partner. “Unlike other criminal justice assessments, Right Time wanted the PAS® data to be third-party reviewed before market introduction.”

Right Time hired Frank Boster, PhD and President of Cometrika, a Michigan based psychometric company to internally monitor PAS® data as it was collected for trend analysis.

The independent reliability study was conducted by Vector Psychometric Group of Greensboro, North Carolina. Vector evaluated four PAS® domains: criminal thinking, motivations, resilience, and self-esteem. President of Vector, R.J. Wirth, PhD wrote “Results from VPG analysis generally confirmed the adequate reliability of the overall PAS® domain scores.” The Alpha rating ranged from .71 to .96.

 “In the past we have attended numerous criminal justice conferences without proof of reliability to discuss the PAS® product to market fit,” says Davis. “We are now ready to discuss the impact of PAS® with the courts, corrections, and treatment providers whose mission is to rehabilitate offenders.”

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