Right Time Evaluates Prison Programs for Efficacy

Right Time LLC has developed a process (PAS®) that identifies the dynamic factors amenable to an offender’s internal change. Identifying an offender’s level of criminal thinking, motivation, resilience, and self-esteem enables criminal justice system rehabilitation stakeholders the ability to measure criminal offender rehabilitation individually or collectively for impact. Right Time has measured two prison programs for efficacy and determined there were positive internal changes within both groups.

“Horizon Prison Initiative is a faith-based organization operating in multiple Ohio prisons,” says Jeff Hunsaker, Executive Director. “Horizon’s mission is to transform prisoners who transform prisons and communities. Our year long program explores spiritual development, character reformation, victim awareness, and trauma recovery. We asked Right Time to evaluate our Cycle 2014-2015.”

Right Time applied its process and assessed all Horizon participants pre and post programming to see if the data showed any impact in any of the four studied domains. Although the sample size was modest, the results demonstrated that criminal thinking, motivation, resiliency, and self-esteem were statistically significantly impacted. The assumption would be that a larger sample size would produce similar results.

Unlike Horizon, TOPUCU (The Only Person You Cheat Is You) is a short 28-day program taught by trained volunteers in multiple prisons nationwide. The program helps inmates learn principles in becoming a finisher and goal achiever. 

“We only assessed a small TOPUCU group for trend analysis,” says Willie Davis, Right Time Managing Partner who administered the assessments. “We divided the inmates into two groups, an experimental and a control group, and then assessed both groups before and after TOPUCU’s 28-day program. The experimental group showed a decrease in criminal thinking and increases in self-esteem and resilience.”

Right Time believes that organizations which can statistically prove their efficacy are better positioned to receive funding or increased sales. For further information contact Willie Davis at (866) 448-3028.