Right Time Participates in National Juvenile Safe Surrender Pilot Program

Fugitive Safe Surrender provides adults who have outstanding warrants the opportunity to turn themselves in for favorable judicial consideration. Originated in Cleveland, Ohio by US Marshall Pete Elliot in 2005, Safe Surrender is a national success story. Marshall Elliot, in coordination with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, recently piloted a Safe Surrender program for Cuyahoga County juveniles with outstanding warrants. Right Time was invited to assess surrendering juveniles and direct them to onsite social service agencies during the four day event.   

“The adult Safe Surrender program was started out of a police tragedy,” says Dr. Samantha Kurtz, Right Time Managing Partner. The program started small in 2005 in an east side Cleveland church where a few hundred people on the run decided to change their lives. Since then over 37,000 people have surrendered at Safe Surrender sites throughout the country. Organizers hope the juvenile story will develop in the same way.   

“The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Safe Surrender pilot was the first in the country to target juveniles,” says Samantha. “We were honored to participate.”

Right Time has developed a real-time measure of criminal offender rehabilitation as part of their process to identify an offender’s dynamic information. Part of the process is the development of a computerized and customized assessment that identifies research-based interventions needed for adult and juvenile offender rehabilitation.

The assessment developed for the Juvenile Safe Surrender program identifies offender motivation, learning capabilities, criminal thinking styles, mental health issues, trainability, social skills, communication style preferences, occupational/recreational interests, and family/parenting/spiritual considerations.  “This assessment also intercorrelates with industry risk assessment tools,” says Samantha.

Right Time is funded by the Diehl Family Foundation through a grant administered by the Project on Accountable Justice at Florida State University.

For further information contact Dr. Samantha Kurtz at (703) 965 – 0813.